Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Desktop Joins the Family: Gehirn

Somewhat old news, but I've semi-recently acquired a new desktop for use at college. Specs:

Name: Gehirn (German for brain)
Type: PowerSpec B707

Processor: Intel i5 655k dual core hyperthreaded
CPU Speed: 3.2 Gigahertz
RAM: 4 Gigabytes DDR3
HDD Capacity: 1 Terabyte
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 Professional

Gehirn is my workhorse which I will be using for various computer projects I am working on. I'd post pictures but I have no decent camera.

Also, note that while the correct pronunciation of the German 'gehirn' is [gee-rin] with a soft 'g' (as in 'ghost'), the computer's name is pronounced [geh-HERE-en] (also with a soft 'g'). It's more or less personal taste and that I think the visual "English" pronunciation sounds better.

I plan to double Gehirn's HDD capacity and RAM.

Starting a Blog, College, and Innumerable Projects! ACK!

So, I pretty much fail at planning. I've decided to start up two blogs, three projects, and college ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Fortunately, I'll have enough time for all of it. But only because I have screwy priorities and an inability to go to sleep at a decent hour. Oh, and evening-only classes!

*ahem* Anywho, this is just a test post to see if things look legible. Actual interesting posts will start rolling in soon.